The Dawn Of The Moon

The following words were given to a friend of mine by God and were written down as He instructed. This is a strong message being sent to all of us to warn us that time is almost up. For those of you who aren’t saved yet, God is calling you to him. Don’t ignore or deny his words, he wants all of you to be with him in the new Heaven & Earth. Let go of the things of this world and submit to his will and love. The things of this world can’t begin to compare to what he waiting has for us. May God Bless you and everyone in your family.

The day is coming the time is spent! The sky will fall and the earth will be rent!

People will cry, but I will no longer hear, they have hearts of stone and tremble with fear!

My wrath have they placed upon their life, they were unclean and filthy, not fit for a wife!

Now they play with their very own soul… there’s no turning back where they must go!

The time is at hand for my great return when the earth will burn, heated with fire and no longer turn!

My Bride will be hidden far away in the sky, protected & loved by my only desire!

To save her and keep her from the wrath that will pass, it will shatter the darkness like the breaking of glass!

No more trials no more pain, my bride is with me, for it is to her gain!

Warn the people tell them today, time is ending it won’t be long, My bride will be with me together in song!

Turn up the volume, cry it  aloud, the message is complete and I am in the clouds!

Lift up your heads look at the sky, “I AM” is coming “I AM” is nigh!

Even as a key opens a door, the bridegroom will not wait anymore!

The people are scattered as lost little sheep, I want to protect them from the dark ugly deep!

Keep praying and trusting in my word as I gave, You will hear a horn blow, and I will open and save, Death lost the battle, I conquered the grave!

My reward is with me, I will be there soon, the curtain will fall at the dawn of the moon!


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