Time from Adam to Abraham

I made this list up to accurately calculate the number of years that there were from the time of Adam to Abraham. I did this just for my own curiosity after I watched a video that Todd from 311Revelation did called Signs and Seasons Part 2 1948 and 70. I wasn’t doing this to prove anyone wrong, I did it as we are to search the scriptures daily to verify anything that is said about them. I honestly thought that what he said about there being 1948 years between Adam & Abraham I just wanted to verify it that’s all. I ask that people don’t jump all over me and call me a troll as this is not the intent of my actions. Anyways here is what I came up with If I have miscalculated anything, please let me know by leaving a comment and give Biblical evidence of my  mistake and I will change things if need be. That being said I do enjoy watching Todd’s videos.




Total Years


Adam Seth 130 130 5:3
Seth Enos 105 235 5:6
Enos Cainan 99 334 5:9
Cainan Mahlaleel 70 404 5:12
Mahlaleel Jared 65 469 5:15
Jared Enoch 162 631 5:18
Enoch Methuselah 65 696 5:21
Methuselah Lamech 187 883 5:25
Lamech Noah 182 1065 5:28
Noah Shem 500 1565 5:32
Shem Arphaxad 100 1665 11:10
Arphaxad Selah 35 1700 11:12
Salah Eber 30 1730 11:14
Eber Peleg 34 1764 11:16
Peleg Ragau/Reu 30 1794 11:18
Ragau/Reu Serug 32 1826 11:20
Serug Nahor 30 1856 11:22
Nahor Terah 29 1885 11:24
Terah Abraham 70 1955 11:26

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