Goodbye Miss American Pie

The message below was given to a good friend of mine via an email. She then past it on to me and I felt needed to be passed on to others. This is something that people really need to read and pass on as it truly talks about the condition of our world today.

There has never been a time in history, according to the Bible, that a country went up against GOD, His Chosen People, or His Covenants and survived.  This is what the United States is engaging in now and it is futile.  This country used to have the blessings of God because of our support for Israel now apart from that we’ve got nothing.  We offer no more arguments for God to look our way and to bless us.  We have thoroughly turned our backs to God in unison.

  • We have embraced all types of pagan cultures and turned our back on God’s only begotten Son.
  • We have created vile and monstrous entertainment that captivates our time through all types of mediums.
  • We have successfully become the way the Bible said we would: we have forgotten how to blush.
  • We worship pagan gods and our pastors release us from church on Sunday so we can rush home to take in football, basketball, and soccer gods of our own making playing within gigantic temples that would astound the Greeks & Romans and we do this on God’s Holy Day.
  • We have built museum exhibits; amusement parks; and publishing industries that worship wizards and witches and could care less that God has meticulously outlined in the Bible that HE hates witchcraft and wizards.
  • We have glorified the occult and even Christians who say they read about vampires on the weekdays and then go to church on Sundays think this behavior is perfectly normal.
  • We promote peace signs and have no clue that they originated as satanic symbols of upside down broken crosses and are anti-Christian.
  • We have become caught up in our own cushy lives and become angry at the thought that the rapture could be near although many fellow Christians are suffering greatly through persecution in other parts of the world and little children around the world are suffering grossly from sex trade and child abuse in this country and in third world countries.
  • We think it is strange that other ancient cultures sacrificed their children to strange gods but we have done that in this country on such a monumental and well-organized scale: only we call it abortion.

Many Christians believe that we will be here 10, 20, 30 years from now and refuse to believe that the rapture could be so close.  Let me ask you this: How can the world that has so efficiently and systematically turned its back on God improve itself apart from God?  Just what condition do you think things will be in 20 or 30 years from now without God intervening?  Do you really want to be here in the next 20 or 30 years if things progress in this same direction we are moving in apart from God?

-have you ever wondered how the people of Sodom & Gomorrah could have been so bad to be destroyed by God?; and how could the people during Noah’s time be so dense to not get on the ark; and how could Lot’s wife had wanted to look back before she was turned into a pillar of salt?­we are those people: we are that bad; we are not willing to get on the ark; we are looking away from God back to the city.

Time is running out and God is trying to warn you.  If you don’t turn to HIM and continue to cling to the false belief that you can play now and pay later you are going to miss the boat.  Stop praying for this country and start praying for the Bride of Christ; for Israel and for your family.  Pray for God’s protection through the coming judgment of this world.  The path is narrow & safe….that path is through God’s only Son: Jesus. 

How would you treat God if you knew you had 20 years to live than if you had 20 days to live?


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